The Importance of a Buyer/Tenant Rep Agreement

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Buyer Client & Buyer Customer: The major difference is in the LEVEL of SERVICE you will receive by law.


Buyer receives the Following from the Buyer's REALTOR® (represented):

  • Honesty to all parties
  • Highest service level
  • Complete loyalty towards Buyer
  • Focus on Buyer's needs and interest
  • Confidentiality of Buyer's information
  • Professional advice & counsel
  • Market data interpretation for complete understanding of market
  • Strategic negotiation planning for Buyer
  • Professional assistance in understand options and alternatives
  • Negotiating on behalf of Buyer
  • Maximum legal responsibility
  • Involved in buyer's decision-making counselling
  • Assistance in identifying all potential properties for Buyers
  • Assistance in evaluating properties based on Buyer's criteria
  • Professional effort to close transaction on Buyer's terms and conditions
  • Assistance with contract contingencies
  • Managing Buyer's risks & expectations in transaction


Buyer receives the Following from the Real Estate Agent (unrepresented):

  • Honesty to all parties
  • Lower service level
  • No loyalty (tells Seller all they know about Buyer)
  • No confidentiality for Buyer but keeps Seller's information confidential
  • Focus on helping Sellers get what they want
  • Share only material facts with buyers
  • Support Seller's listing price Protection is for the Seller
  • Minimum legal & ethical responsibility towards Buyer
  • No involvement in Buyer decision-making