Lender Checklist: What you might need for a Mortgage

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These items are things that might be required by your lender for a mortgage loan or refinance.

All Borrowers:

  • Copy of driver's license and social security cards.
  • Name, address and phone number for landlord for the previous 2 years (if renting).
  • Written explanation of credit anomalies, including: late payments, credit inquiries within the last 90 days, charge-offs, collections, judgments and/or liens.
  • Names, phone numbers and addresses of each employer (for the past 2 years), including dates of employment. If you work for a large company, you may want to contact human resources to find out which address should be provided for employment verifications.
  • Signed credit card authorization for your appraisal fee (loan officer to provide CC form).

Income Documentation:

  • Pay stubs for all borrowers for the last 30 days.
  • W-2 forms for all employment for all borrowers for the previous 2 years.
  • Complete copies of previous 2 years personal tax returns including all schedules.

Self-employed borrowers:

  • Personal tax returns (for the last 2 years including all schedules).
  • Business tax returns (for the last 2 years including all schedules).
  • Current YTD profit and loss statement
  • 1099s if applicable.

If you own more than 25% of a business:

  • Corporate or partnership tax returns (for the last 2 years including all schedules).
  • Asset verification:
  • Present value of all real estate owned.
  • Copy of the past 2 months statements (including account names, account numbers, addresses, and balances) on the following accounts: Checking, Savings, Mutual fund accounts, Money market, Retirement accounts (IRA, 401k, etc.)

If you have made any large deposits to your accounts within the last 90 days:

  • Source of deposit and explanation letter.
  • Copy of deposit receipt.
  • If the deposit was a gift, include a signed gift letter (loan officer will provide)

Property information:

  • Purchase agreement (if your loan officer doesn't have a copy already)
  • Name and phone number of your homeowners insurance agent (you need to request an insurance quote from them as well)
  • Copy of your cancelled earnest money & option fee checks.
  • If you are in the process of selling your home (signed purchase agreement but you haven't closed yet), provide a copy of the purchase agreement as well as a copy of the HUD-1 settlement statement when it closes.

If you own rental property:

  • Copies of current rental agreements, fully executed.

If you are refinancing:

  • Copy of your mortgage statement if there is a lien to be paid off.
  • Copy of your most recent homeowner's insurance bill.

If you have a pension:

  • Pension award letter, pay stubs, and any forms showing duration of payments
  • 2 years of 1099s.

If you receive social security and/or disability payments:

  • Provide a copy of your award letter along with a recent check stub or copy of a bank statement if the funds are deposited electronically through direct deposit.
  • 2 years of 1099s.

For VA loans:

  • Copy of DD214 form (aka separation papers).


  • If applicable, copies of 12 months of cancelled rent checks.
  • If you were a full-time student during the last 2 years, a copy of your diploma or transcripts.
  • Name, phone number, address and email address for your real estate agent (if unknown to your loan officer).
  • If applicable, copy of your divorce decree, separation agreement, and all addenda for all divorced parties.
  • If applicable, 12 months of cancelled alimony checks.
  • If applicable, 12 months of cancelled child support checks. Copy of court order and ages of children.
  • If you filed bankruptcy within the last 7 years, provide a copy of your bankruptcy papers.
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, provide a copy of the front and back of your green card.